Sally Field – Soon to be seen as Mary Todd Lincoln in the Steven Spielberg film coming out in November

I’m still basking in the afterglow of last weekend’s powerful conference at Omega Institute. What matters as much as attending an event like this is what you do with the experience once you’re home. I promised my goal buddy that I’d type up my notes and create three tasks for myself. In addition to what I intend to do personally, I want to add to that list sharing two more of the powerful talks I heard.

Sally Field, who has won not one but two Academy Awards, was mugging like crazy while her introducer went on and on about her credentials. Sally made a gesture like ‘wrap it up already’ as she peaked out from behind the curtain, impatiently waiting to go on. She had us in hysterics before she even took to the microphone.

Her tone and story belied that cheery introduction. I won’t share the very intimate details she revealed to us, but suffice it to say that it backed up her sentiment that “I spent most of my life feeling like a failure.” She made a great case for taking care of unfinished emotional business in order to allow your CORE (what she calls her true self) to come out in all her glory.

Eve Ensler – Spoke about One Billion Rising

Eve Ensler, best known as the creator of the Vagina Monologues, rocked the house with her talk and mission of One Billion Rising, which I plan to fully support, apolitical as I am. I’ll be saying more about this as the February 14, 2013 date approaches.

I continue to hear from some of the outstanding women I met that weekend. My follow up activities are to order Eve’s book I Am An Emotional Creature, to watch Eve’s TED talk on the girl in each of us and also to read an article mentioned by Joan Chittister entitled We Are All Nuns by Nicholas Kristof.

Anyone want to join me for the TED talk?