Eve Ensler

One of my homework commitments, (self-assigned) from the Omega Women & Power weekend last month, was to watch Eve Ensler’s TED.com talk about the girl “cell” in each of us. I was inspired by Eve’s mission in the world: to stop violence against women, particularly girls. She has set up an initiative called One Billion Rising which I fully support.

Her talk on TED had me spellbound. She sees the girl in each of us–men and women alike–and that’s a good thing. A thing that has been drummed out of each of us, according to Eve, “because it is so powerful we had to train everyone NOT to be a girl,” especially boys. The definition of a boy or a man, says Ensler, is NOT TO BE A GIRL.

What’s so important, to me, about her message is that, as she said, we are taught exactly the opposite. Being a girl means learning to please. She wants to change that. That being a girl needs to mean: to educate, to activate, to defy or to create. That shutting down our compassion, vulnerability, empathy and intuition is not the path to success as we’ve been taught.

I’ve always bristled at the phrase, “It’s just business.” Now I have found a spokesperson who has given voice to what I’d felt. Maybe the feminine way of feeling is the way to success. Certainly for how I define success it is.

I would love to hear your responses to her video on TED; how it impacts you and whether you have seen and experienced what she’s talking about in your own life and career.